How do you Get Rid of Gaming Addiction? – Quick Guide

How do you Get Rid of Gaming Addiction? – Quick Guide

How to cure Gaming Addiction? It Is becoming increasingly less of an issue in society. On the internet, however, it has become widespread. This is where digital games play a growing role in our lives. The popularity of online games has given rise to game addiction, defined as an addiction to gameplay. These types of addictive games are often referred to as “gamers.”

Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. Whether you’re into tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, or video games like Call of Duty, you’re probably aware that millions of people worldwide are playing these kinds of games. However, like any other entertainment, it can become addictive to some gamers. If you’re addicted to gaming, you may lose time daily playing games and spending extra money on gaming-related items or services.

How to Cure Gaming Addiction?

This is a short article I wrote while trying to get my game addiction taken care of. If you are like me, it is probably one of the biggest struggles you will ever face. However, if you’re not entirely addicted, getting out of video game addiction will be pretty straightforward.


Gaming addiction is harmful to humans, just like other addictions:

Gaming addiction is a problem that can affect anyone, and gamers themselves will often suffer from it. It can be hard to stop playing when you’re addicted to video games. We’ve all been there: we want to stop, we’re frustrated, and we want to leave our online game. You can try to change your gaming habits and stop playing the game altogether, but it’s not always easy.

People often make mistakes behind their backs. They feel their actions are not condoned by their family, friends, or even the person they love the most. This is a natural feeling, and it’s one that we all experience. However, in many cases, it’s possible to change and change your life for the better. There are many ways to help yourself and others that can help you to stop playing games and lose your addiction.

Playing games is valid for human health only to the extent of the hobby. Most people play games to pass their free time or play games as a hobby. Usually, people play games to give their free time, which is valid for human health and good, but it is not best to overplay any game.

When a person starts playing a game over the limit, he gets addicted to it and finds different ways to the player it all the time. Excessive use of anything is termed addiction, and playing the game, an excessive amount of it is termed. And playing games for most of the time of the day is termed as gaming addiction worsens human health.

Problems among family members and friends:

Playing more games proves fatal to human health. Suppose someone plays games most of the time of the day. In that case, it causes many symptoms in the body, like irritability, mental disorders, Eyesight weakness, Sadness when a game-addicted person can’t access it, poor mental health, relationship issues, social disconnection, and many other problems caused by gaming addiction.

In this article, I will tell you How to cure gaming addiction? I will briefly describe the symptoms of gaming addiction and also define the steps that you can follow for the treatment of gaming addiction.

Playing games two hours per day is not harmful to human health. On the contrary, it is suitable for human health and refreshment.

What causes video game addiction (symptoms)?

The following symptoms are caused by video gaming addiction:

  • Mental disorder
  • Poor mental condition
  • Social disconnection from people
  • Loss of job when you spend most of the time on gaming
  • Family or relationship issues
  • Feeling bad and aggressive when a game-addicted person can’t play it.
  • Game addiction can cause loss of your study, work, or job, creating many problems among family members.
  • Unusual lack of motivation
  • A game addict keeps thinking about playing games all the time
  • Due to playing more games, the man can’t even pay attention to his responsibilities, which starts to disrupt his life.

Video games cause many other problems like family issues, relationship disconnection, and loss of job and study:

Smartphones and all digital devices are parts of our life, so we can’t stop using these devices. All these devices are essential in our lives, but we can worsen our health by using them too much. Therefore, it is correct to use all these devices to the extent needed.

But the excessive use of all these devices is dangerous for our health, as when we game them or play video games, we do not pay attention to our work or job, which causes us to fail in our lives. When children or students use these devices to the maximum, they begin to fail in their education. Children suffer from mental disorders and become irritable, causing family conflicts and problems; parents are more worried about their children.

A person who becomes more accustomed to playing the game does not do his job properly and finally loses his job. Excessive gaming causes many problems. As a result of more gaming, man gets away from his relatives and gets away from friends, which causes disturbances in friendships and relationships. Therefore, controlling gaming addiction is very important. You can follow many steps to prevent gaming addiction. This article will briefly explain all the tips and tricks to cure gaming addiction.

I will tell you all steps.


Q1: How do you break a video game addiction?

Ans: You can follow many steps to avoid video game addiction.

Such as:

  • Doing physical activities daily
  •  Spend your free time with your friends and family
  •  Focus on your job and study
  • Don’t keep your smartphone and computer in your bedroom or study room so you can sleep early at night.
  •  Limited the use of smartphones and laptops or computers.

Q2: How many hours of gaming is healthy?

Ans: Only 2 hours per day of video gaming is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Only two hours per day of screen-based entertainment is best for mind refreshment.

Q3: Is Gaming Bad for Your Health?

Ans: If you play a video game for only two hours a day, it is not dangerous for your health because playing a two-hour game is better to refresh the brain and if you play a video game for six hours a day or more than it is bad for your health. Because the light from the computer worsens the eyes and causes other diseases in the body, playing games for a long time makes a man accustomed to playing games.

Q4: What is gaming addiction?

Ans:  Gaming addiction is a type of addiction. Playing games on the computer is the best mind refreshment, but when we spend most of the day playing video games, it is bad for our health, and then it is called gaming addiction. And this addiction creates many problems in our life, such as mental disorders and family issues, failure in study and loss of job, etc.

Q.5: Is gaming addiction curable?

Ans: Yes, gaming addiction is curable; you can cure it quickly if you follow the steps to stop it.

Now I will tell you tips for the treatment of this addiction.

  • Do exercise daily to avoid overtime gaming and also do other activities daily.
  • Set time limits to play and stick
  • Also, focus on your job or study
  • Do not keep your mobile and computer in your bedroom so that you can sleep early at night and you do not play the game.
  • To avoid gaming addiction, you should do physical activities daily, such as playing football with friends, playing cricket, or playing any other game, which can also improve your health.
  • You should spend your time enjoying your friends and family members.
  • You must go out with your friends to improve your health and keep your mind fresh.

I have described the steps that you can follow to avoid gaming addiction. By following these steps, you can make your life better and keep the focus on your job and study. In addition, you can put your time into your work by controlling your gaming addiction and spending your free time with your friends and family members.


No matter what is intoxicated, it is not right for human health. It is fatal to humans, both physically and socially. Therefore, it is essential to avoid all kinds of addiction. Gaming addiction also spoils human health and also spoils human social relations. Consequently, it is very important to avoid gaming addiction, and I have briefly described all the steps to getting rid of it. This article will help you to find the answer to your question How to Cure Gaming Addiction?

It depends on how you can follow these steps to know what causes gaming addiction and how to avoid it. First, you can slowly reduce the time spent playing games. You can develop a competing interest to control your gaming.

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